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Robin and Starfire by Atra-Sicarius Robin and Starfire :iconatra-sicarius:Atra-Sicarius 11 0 Fringe Benefits by Atra-Sicarius Fringe Benefits :iconatra-sicarius:Atra-Sicarius 9 0 Everything Burns by Atra-Sicarius Everything Burns :iconatra-sicarius:Atra-Sicarius 3 0 Trigon's Slade by Atra-Sicarius Trigon's Slade :iconatra-sicarius:Atra-Sicarius 15 0 Fear Raven by Atra-Sicarius Fear Raven :iconatra-sicarius:Atra-Sicarius 54 6 Slade Unmasked by Atra-Sicarius Slade Unmasked :iconatra-sicarius:Atra-Sicarius 6 8 Slade and Terra by Atra-Sicarius Slade and Terra :iconatra-sicarius:Atra-Sicarius 26 3 Slade And Raven by Atra-Sicarius Slade And Raven :iconatra-sicarius:Atra-Sicarius 22 0 Slade And Robin by Atra-Sicarius Slade And Robin :iconatra-sicarius:Atra-Sicarius 22 3 Slade by Atra-Sicarius Slade :iconatra-sicarius:Atra-Sicarius 20 4 Red Wolf by Atra-Sicarius Red Wolf :iconatra-sicarius:Atra-Sicarius 1 0
Twas the night before finals
Twas the night before finals, and all through the hall
Not a person was sleeping, no student at all.
The textbooks were stacked on the desktop with care,
In hopes that the answers would soon appear there.
The students were still wide awake in their beds,
While essays and formulae danced in their heads.
And I, wearing my PJs, textbooks in my lap,
Just can't settle my brain for a short little nap.
When out in the commons there arose such a clatter,
The RA ran out to see what was the matter.
Away to the hallway I ran in a rush,
Threw open my doorway to tell them to hush.
The moon glinting off of the res hall's glass door,
Shone just like a spotlight outside the first floor.
When, what to our wondering eyes should appear,
But a miniature car, and a group of my peers.
With a slow-moving driver, so tired and sad,
I knew in a moment it must be a grad.
More rapid than e-mails, his study tips came,
And he shouted, and hollered, and called them by name.
"Use Spark Notes! Use Cliff Notes! Use 3 b
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Deus Nova - Chapter 1
Jacob Bloom opened his eyes to  a surreal environment, surrounded by a myriad of shining lights and delectable foods.
"Welcome to Olympus, Jacob" he heard a powerful voice boom.
Jacob couldn't believe his ears. "Olympus? Mount Olympus? As in the place where the mythical gods of the Greeks dwelled?"
A form materialized from one of the lights. "I would hardly call us mythical!" It laughed. "I am Hermes, and will be serving as the liason between you and the rest of the gods for the remainder of this trial."
"Trial? What trial?" Jacob asked.
"Patience, Jacob. All will be explained." He chuckled. "Or, at least the important parts." Jacob shook his head incredulously, but patiently awaited the promised revelations. "You have been brought here as one of five possible replacements for one of our ranks, I will not reveal which, and are hereby granted the powers of an Olympian god."
"But why me? Why now?" Jacob asked.
Hermes shrugged. "You were chosen by Zeus himself, I am unsure as to
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Chrono Killers - Chapter 1
Time  travel? It is an illusion, created by money hungry scientists. How do I know this, you ask? I tried to use time to my advantage, to make it my plaything. Instead, I became trapped in a plot that went deeper than you could ever imagine. Pull up a chair, order a round of drinks and settle in for a long tale.
Chicago, Illinois. United States. 2090 A.D.
I triple-checked the charge level on my battery. It read at 98%. Good, I thought, that should last me for a long time. I should grab a backup battery just in case, though. I opened my vault and retrieved one of the hundreds of batteries I had stashed away. I then ran down the mental list of the items I would bring in the initial time travel and made sure that I had everything that I might want. Machine guns, pistols and rifles littered the floor of that old bunker and ammo boxes lined the walls. I selected a few of my personal favorites from the arsenal for the trip: an M-16, a Smith and Wesson .40 caliber pistol, a C
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Chrono Killers - Intro
In 2026, scientist Yachovsky Barlov makes one of the greatest scientific discoveries of all time… literally. He discovers the secrets of time traveling. This froze progression in every other aspect of life as nearly every scientist was now interested in unlocking the secrets of time. No progessions were made in weapons, agriculture, psychology or any other field. The first time machine was about the size of the Empire State Building. One use took more power than Las Vegas, New York and Los Angeles used in a week. By 2048, Jacques Deveneaux, a French Chronocist (time scientist) reduced the size of the machine to a large living room. It used enough energy to light Times Square for 36 hours, but was still much more efficient. In 2063, John Barwhite created the 'telephone traveler.' The machine had been reduced to the size of a telephone booth and could be run off of a 220 volt plug. Finally, in 2088, 62 years after its original creation, Raul Martinez created his famous 'wrist warper
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The Color of Blood- Chapter 22
Seconds after the castle door closed, the utter darkness was obliterated as thousands of torches were lit. Once their eyes adjusted, Atra and Sarah looked around to see thousands of assassins filling the chamber. Atra and Sarah immediately had their swords at the ready. Without a moments hesitation, Sarah leapt at the army and began attacking every living person she could. "Come fight me you gutless murderers!" cried Sarah at the horde. After a few moments of motionless wonder at the suicidal maniac, the soldiers began to attack.
Seeing the carnage in process, Atra began to defend Sarah from all directions. Atra and Sarah moved in a flowing pattern, using skills that had been practiced over long sessions. They used each other as platforms, each vaulting over the other to catch another enemy off guard. Sarah would jump towards the attackers on her left, only to be caught by Atra and thrown towards those on the right. The assassins fell by the dozens to Atra's and Sarah's unrelenting bla
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Just a shout out to everyone who is adding my teen titans work to their galleries: THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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